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Indain overseas bank is being known for its rich customer service.Bank has already made its soft opening on 2.2.11 at Chawla arcade Bhangwa Chungi.Soon we are going to capture the market from other bank as we offer a better and customer centric services that includes a wide variety of e-services (Internet Banking,Mobile Banking,Sms alerts for your all Debit/Credit in your accounts).

IOB knocks Pratap Garh

Indian Overseas Bank  at Chawla Arcade, Bhangwa Chungi, Pratapgarh.  Ready to serve you as per your choice. WELCOME ALL

History: Pratapgarh Rulers

Pratapgarh also has its share of Indian history and mostly unknown. The name of city is derived from Pratap Singh (1628-1682), a ruler of Rampur, who built a fortress (garh). But history before or after him is not known much. 

Some action to clean river Sai

Pratapgarh administration is finally in action to make Sai river pollution free. See news from jagran website below.

Pratapgarh: District with the worst health indicators of children in the state

According to a Indian Express, the state government is planning to open a Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre to cater to severely malnourished children of the state.

The project, which will be funded by the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), will soon be set up in Pratapgarh, the district with the worst health indicators of children in the state.

64th Independence Day

As we celebrate 64th Independence Day, let us watch some old videos of that time. Many thanks to guys who uploaded them

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