An unofficial website of district Pratapgarh, UP, India


Pratapgarh is primarly an agricultural district. The soil is fertile and irrigated in most parts of the district.

Pratapgarh is famous for "Amla" - also known as "Indian gooseberry or Embellica Officinalis. It has high vitamin C content.

Amla is grown as a commercial crop here. The tree flowers in the spring and fruit ripens in the winter.

It has been used as a valuable ingredient of various Ayurvedic medicines in India. Currently there are a number of products available in Indian market in which Amla is main ingredient - most famous of them is Chyawanprash.

In Pratapgarh district cereals occupy major area followed by pulses and oilseeds. The important crops grown in different seasons are Rice, Bajra, Maize, Arhar, Urd in Kharif, Wheat, Gram and Pea in Rabi and Urd and Moong in Zaid. Sugarcane and Potato and Mustard are important cash crops in the district. In upland rainfed area still the farmers are growing Mandua which is mainly used as a food by poor farmers. The agriculture of Pratapgarh district is having the largest area under wheat followed by Rice, Bajra, Arhar, Potato, Gram, Urd, Moong, Sugarcane and Pea and very limited area is covered under oil seed crops and its productivity is also very poor.